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  • Margaretha was born (date unknown).

    Spouse: Hanns Jacob KAUFMANN-13932. Margaretha and Hanns Jacob KAUFMANN were married in , , Wuerttemberg.Children were: Elisabeth KAUFMANN-12542.

    Margaretha was born (date unknown).

    Spouse: Hans ECKHARD-13966. Children were: Maria Margaretha ECKHARD-13461.

    Margaretha was born (date unknown).

    Spouse: Jerg VEIT-14008. Margaretha and Jerg VEIT were married in , , Wuerttemberg. Children were: Andreas VEIT-13947, Johannes VEIT-14010.

    Margaretha was born before 1537 in Grossgartach, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg.3 She died on 28 April 1597 at the age of 60 in Grossgartach, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg.45

    Spouse: Endris AUBERGER-9081. Margaretha and Endris AUBERGER were married in Grossgartach, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg.3 Children were: Jerg "Georg" AUBERGER-4950.

    Margaretha was born in 1601 in , , Wuerttemberg. She died on 8 May 1680 at the age of 79 in Neckargartach, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg.46

    Spouse: Joerg HARST-7579. Children were: Margaretha HARST-11622, Rosina HARST-4613, Margaretha HARST-8622, Margaretha HARST-8623.

    Margaretha was born in 1610 in Heuchelheim, Oberhessen, Hessen.13 She was buried on 22 October 1661 in Heuchelheim, Oberhessen, Hessen.47

    Spouse: Georg Wenzel METZLER-8198. Margaretha and Georg Wenzel METZLER were married in Heuchelheim, Oberhessen, Hessen. Children were: Georg METZLER-8390, Anna Maria METZLER-8391, Elisabeth METZLER-8392, Johannes METZLER-8186.

    Margaretha was born in March 1612 in Alendorf, Rheinland, Prussia. She died on 7 May 1669 at the age of 57 in Heuchelheim, Oberhessen, Hessen.48

    Spouse: Heinrich AMEND-8179. Children were: Jakob AMEND-11297, Anna Clara AMEND-8174, Lorenz AMEND-8257, Melchior AMEND-8258, Anna Maria AMEND-8259, Johannes AMEND-8260.

    Margarethe was born in 1550 in Heuchelheim, Oberhessen, Hessen.13

    Spouse: Ludwig RINN-8416. Children were: Johannes Kaspar RINN-8403.

    Margarethe was born in 1610 in Heuchelheim, Oberhessen, Hessen.13

    Spouse: Konrad SCHLEENBECKER-8468. Children were: Kaspar SCHLEENBECKER-8192.

    Margarethe Katharina was born in 1580 in Heuchelheim, Oberhessen, Hessen.13

    Spouse: Emanuel SCHLEENBECKER-8470. Children were: Konrad SCHLEENBECKER-8468.

    Maria was born (date unknown).

    Spouse: Hans SCHMIDT-7581. Children were: Peter SCHMIDT-4612, Hans SCHMIDT-8634, Anna SCHMIDT-8635, Hanss Michel SCHMIDT-8636.

    Maria was born (date unknown).

    Spouse: Hans PHIELHAUER-11689. Maria and Hans PHIELHAUER were married in , , Wuerttemberg. Children were: Hans Joerg VIELHAUER-7582.

    Maria was born (date unknown).

    Spouse: Peter HAGNER-13184. Children were: Hans Martin HAGNER-4624.

    Maria was born in 1599 in Klein Linden, Oberhessen, Hesse-Darmstadt. She died on 14 February 1669 at the age of 70 in Klein Linden, Oberhessen, Hesse-Darmstadt. She was buried on 15 December 1669 in Klein Linden, Oberhessen, Hesse-Darmstadt.

    Spouse: Jakob JUNG-8350. Children were: Agnes JUNG-8154, Heinrich JUNG-8352.

    Maria Elisabeth was born (date unknown).

    Spouse: Johann Wilhelm WINDMAN-1713. Maria Elisabeth and Johann Wilhelm WINDMAN were married in Stangenbach(Wüstenrot), Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg. Children were: Johannes WINDMAN-106.

    Maria Elisabetha was born on 29 March 1676 in Adelsheim, Mosbach, Baden.4 She died on 3 April 1733 at the age of 57 in Unteröwisheim, Karlsruhe, Baden.4

    Spouse: Simon HUBER-4682. Maria Elisabetha and Simon HUBER were married about 1706 in , , Baden.4,16 Children were: Anna Maria Catharina HUBER-7711, Maria Clara HUBER-7712, Hans Michel HUBER-7713, Magdalena Elisabetha HUBER-4679.

    Maria Magdelena was born (date unknown).

    Spouse: Christian RECKENTHAELER-4557. Maria Magdelena and Christian RECKENTHAELER were married on 28 October 1765 in Montabaur, Hessen-Nassau, Prussia.49 Children were: Maria Magdalena RECKENTHAELER-69.

    Marie was born (date unknown).

    Spouse: Henrich HÄUSER-4532. Marie and Henrich HÄUSER were married in 1635 in Unteröwisheim, Karlsruhe, Baden.Children were: Hans HÄUSER-3903.

    Mrs was born (date unknown).

    Spouse: ROESSLIN-8957. Children were: Joerg Jacob ROESSLIN-1798.

    Mrs. died on 15 December 1664 in Oberöwisheim, Karlsruhe, Baden.50

    Spouse: Hans SCHAIBLE-5143. Children were: Nikolaus SCHAIBLE-4843.

    Mrs. was born in 1607 in Heuchelheim, Oberhessen, Hessen.13 She was buried on 7 December 1695 in Heuchelheim, Oberhessen, Hessen.

    Spouse: Johannes SPANHEIMER-8486. Children were: Katharina SPANHEIMER-8206, Elisabeth SPANHEIMER-8488.

    Ottilia was born (date unknown).

    Spouse: Hans Michel SCHNEIDER-4702. Children were: Elias Johannes SCHNEIDER-4700.

    Ottilia was born (date unknown).

    Spouse: Peter BOTZENHARD-10768. Ottilia and Peter BOTZENHARD were married on 21 September 1639 in Walheim, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg.51 Children were: Anna Dorothea BOTZENHARD-10799, Hans Michael BOTZENHARD-10800, Hans BOTZENHARD-10801, Catharina BOTZENHARD-10802, Peter BOTZENHARD-10803, Peter BOTZENHARD-10804, Ottilia BOTZENHARD-10765.

    Ottilia was born (date unknown).

    Spouse: Hans GROH-13979. Ottilia and Hans GROH were married on 4 February 1577 in Unteröwisheim, Karlsruhe, Baden.23 Children were: Johann GROR-13977.

    Ottilia was born in 1608 in Unteröwisheim, Karlsruhe, Baden.4 She died on 17 February 1668 at the age of 60 in Unteröwisheim, Karlsruhe, Baden.4

    Spouse: Hans Conrad HOLDENBOHL-4724. Children were: Anna Elisabetha HOLDENBOGEL-4428.

    Rosine was born (date unknown).

    Spouse: Andreas KRONMULLER-5201. Children were: Johannes Andreas KRONMULLER-104.

    Sara was born (date unknown).

    Spouse: Michael METZGER-4734. Sara and Michael METZGER were married on 9 March 1578 in Unteröwisheim, Karlsruhe, Baden.4 Children were: Johann METZGER-4729, Jacob METZGER-8925.

    Susanna was born in 1705 in Unteröwisheim, Karlsruhe, Baden.4 She died on 25 September 1773 at the age of 68 in Unteröwisheim, Karlsruhe, Baden.4

    Spouse: Johann BINDSCHÄDEL-2751. Susanna and Johann BINDSCHÄDEL were married about 1728 in Unteröwisheim, Karlsruhe, Baden.4 Children were: Philippina Susanna BINDSCHÄDEL-3835, Sophia Catherina BINDSCHÄDEL-3836, Johannes BINDSCHADEL-2795, Johann Erhard BINDSCHÄDEL-84.

    Susanna Clara was born (date unknown).

    Spouse: Johann Daniel REHE-8936. Children were: Catherine Elisabetha REEH-7933.

    Susanne was born in 1620 in Heuchelheim, Oberhessen, Hessen.13 She died in 1698 at the age of 78 in Heuchelheim, Oberhessen, Hessen.

    Spouse: Johannes WELLER-8170. Children were: Johann Georg WELLER-8163, Johann Christoph WELLER-8499, Johann Ludwig WELLER-8500, Johannes WELLER-8501, Martin WELLER-8207.

    Ursula was born (date unknown).

    Spouse: Melchior DALMAR-16198. Children were: Hans DALMER-16196.

    Ursula was born (date unknown).

    Spouse: Hans SCHAIBER-10455. Children were: Martin SCHAIBER-4952.

    Ursula was born about 1634 in , , Wuerttemberg.

    Spouse: Hanss NEITZ-8619. Children were: Barbara NEITZ-8640, Joerg NEITZ-7928, Anna Maria NEITZ-8641, Apollonia NEITZ-8642, Marx NEITZ-7390, Ursula NEITZ-8643, Markus "Marx" NEITZ-8644, Elisabetha NEITZ-8645, Hanss Peter NEITZ-8646, Anna Catherina NEITZ-7575.

    Veronika was born in April 1693 in , , Baden. She died on 11 December 1735 at the age of 42 in Unteröwisheim, Karlsruhe, Baden.4

    Spouse: Johann Engelhard FEYL-4895. Veronika and Johann Engelhard FEYL were married about 1712 in , , Baden.4Children were: Ursula Barbara FEYL-18031, Maria Agatha FEYL-7676, Maria Agatha FEYL-7677, Johann Jacob FEYL-17209, Johann Adam FEYL-7678, Maria Barbara FEYL-7679, Johann Engelhard FEYL-7680, Johann Engelhard FEYL-7681, Johann Michael FEYL-7682, Johann Peter FEYL-4893, Maria Magdalena FEYL-7683, Johann Michael FEYL-7684.

    Walburga was born in 1534 in Grossgartach, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg.3

    Spouse: Hans NOLFF-4941. Walburga and Hans NOLFF were married in 1555 in Grossgartach, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg.52 Children were: Wendel NOLFF-4949, Hans NOLFF-11461, Katherina NOLFF-6714, Lorentz NOLFF-4939, Antonius NOLFF-11460.

    Anna Elisabetha ABERL was born on 23 February 1663 in Frankenbach, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg.53 She died on 5 June 1723 at the age of 60 in Neckargartach, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg.54 Parents: Martin ABERL-7547.

    Spouse: Johannes (Hanss) JÄGER-7386. Anna Elisabetha ABERL and Johannes (Hanss) JÄGER were married on 9 November 1686 in Neckargartach, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg.12 Children were: Anna Catharina JÄGER-8650, Hans Melchior JÄGER-7620, Anna Catherina JÄGER-7621, Eva Catherina JÄGER-7357, Hans Fredrich JÄGER-7622, Maria Elisabeth JÄGER-7623, Anna Catherina JÄGER-7624.

    Martin ABERL was born (date unknown).

    Children were: Anna Elisabetha ABERL-7387.

    Anna Maria ABRONN was born in December 1681 in Derdingen, Neckarkreis, Württemberg.55 She died on 11 October 1739 at the age of 57 in Unteröwisheim, Karlsruhe, Baden.4 Parents: Hans Georg ABRONN-3886 and Anna Catherine KAYSER-9745.

    Spouse: Thomas OBERST-3882. Anna Maria ABRONN and Thomas OBERST were married on 5 August 1704 in Unteröwisheim, Karlsruhe, Baden.4 Children were: Jacob OBERST-4454, Johann Peter OBERST-2758, OBERST-4455, Hans Jacob OBERST-4456, Anna Margaretha OBERST-4457, Susanna OBERST-4458, Anna Maria OBERST-4459, Johann Friedrich OBERST-18237.

    Clemens ABRONN was born (date unknown).

    Children were: Hans Georg ABRONN-3886.

    Hans Georg ABRONN was born in 1656 in Derdingen, Neckarkreis, Württemberg. He died on 23 May 1692 at the age of 36 in Derdingen, Neckarkreis, Württemberg.56 Parents: Clemens ABRONN-9777.

    Spouse: Anna Catherine KAYSER-9745. Anna Catherine KAYSER and Hans Georg ABRONN were married on 25 December 1679 in Derdingen, Neckarkreis, Württemberg.57 Children were: Anna Maria ABRONN-3883.

    Burkhardt ADAM was born in Neipperg, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg.

    Children were: Margaretha ADAM-7742.

    Margaretha ADAM was born in Neipperg, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg. Parents: Burkhardt ADAM-11536.

    Spouse: Hans STÖRZBACH-4102. Margaretha ADAM and Hans STÖRZBACH were married on 23 July 1620 in Grossgartach, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg.58 Children were: Margaretha STOERZBACH-3543, Johann STÖRZBACH-11537.

    Anna Clara AMEND was born in 1640 in Alendorf, Rheinland, Prussia. She died on 11 September 1701 at the age of 61 in Heuchelheim, Oberhessen, Hessen.59 She was buried on 13 September 1701 in Heuchelheim, Oberhessen, Hessen.59 Parents: Heinrich AMEND-8179 and Margaretha -8180.

    Spouse: Kasper BOEHMER-8173. Anna Clara AMEND and Kasper BOEHMER were married on 24 November 1662 in Heuchelheim, Oberhessen, Hessen.60 Children were: Johann Henrich BOEHMER-8285, Anna Maria BOEHMER-8290, Johann Jacob BOEHMER-7945, Anna Elisabeth BOEHMER-8286, Johann Philipp BOEHMER-8287, Anna Eva BOEHMER-8288, Johannes BOEHMER-8289.

    Balzer AMEND was born in 1580 in Alendorf, Rheinland, Prussia. He died in 1640 at the age of 60 in , , Germany.Parents: Peter AMEND-8263.

    Spouse: Margarethe VOLCK-8262. Children were: Heinrich AMEND-8179.

    Heinrich AMEND was born in 1610 in Alendorf, Rheinland, Prussia. He died on 25 September 1669 at the age of 59 in Heuchelheim, Oberhessen, Hessen.61 Parents: Balzer AMEND-8261 and Margarethe VOLCK-8262.

    Spouse: Margaretha -8180. Children were: Jakob AMEND-11297, Anna Clara AMEND-8174, Lorenz AMEND-8257, Melchior AMEND-8258, Anna Maria AMEND-8259, Johannes AMEND-8260.

    Peter AMEND was born in 1560 in Alendorf, Rheinland, Prussia.

    Children were: Balzer AMEND-8261, Rudolf AMEND-8264.

    Hans ARNOLD was born (date unknown).

    Children were: Margaretha ARNOLD-10791.

    Margaretha ARNOLD was born (date unknown). Parents: Hans ARNOLD-12533.

    Spouse: Benedikt UNGERER-10790. Margaretha ARNOLD and Benedikt UNGERER were married on 3 March 1601 in Bönnigheim, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg.62 Children were: Elisabeth UNGERER-10797, Benedict UNGERER-10798, Magdalena UNGERER-10784.

    Anna Magdelena ASSENHEIMER was born (date unknown). Parents: Gabriel ASSENHEIMER-12783.

    Spouse: Johann Georg TRAUB-4914. Anna Magdelena ASSENHEIMER and Johann Georg TRAUB were married on 23 February 1740 in Lowenstein, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg.63 Children were: Maria Sibylla TRAUB-1662, Johann Jacob TRAUB-8975, Johann Adam TRAUB-1709, Johann Karl TRAUB-3013, Johann Friedrich TRAUB-8977, Maria Magdalena TRAUB-8978, Maria Katharina TRAUB-8979, Georg Wilhelm TRAUB-4907.

    Gabriel ASSENHEIMER was born (date unknown).

    Children were: Anna Magdelena ASSENHEIMER-1672.