List of Seminars/Lectures & Target Audiences


(Specializing in Midwestern States)


 (Durations vary and are shown below)

  1. Basic Genealogy   (one 3 hour session)
  2. Intermediate Genealogy   (3 three hour sessions plus one 3 hour workshop at the Family History Center)
  3. Advance Genealogy  (3 three hour sessions)
  4. Using The Software Roots Magic  (2 three hour sessions)
  5. What is a Professional Genealogist and how to I become one?  (one 1 1/2 hour session)
  6. What is an Accredited Genealogist and how do I become one?  (one 1 1/2 hour session)
  7. What is Genealogy and would I like to do it?    (one 30 minute session - FREE)

Revised 15 January 2018


(All mini-seminars are 1 ½ hour in duration)

“How To Really Get Started In Genealogy”

“How do I organize my genealogy records?”

“What can I learn from the United States Census?”

“Genealogy software – which one would be best for me?”

“What genealogical institutions and organization should an amateur genealogist use?”

“Where do I find public records and vital statistics?”

“Where are the military records of my ancestors?”

“Overseas and Ethnic Research”

“How To Use Family Search™”

“Overcoming The Brick Wall – Simple Solutions To Your Major Problems”

“How can the Family History Library Catalog assist my genealogical research?”

“How will newspapers and magazines help me in my research?

“Tracing Your Ancestors Using United States Religious Records”

“An Introduction To Ellis Island And Castle Garden -- Your Ancestors’ Gateway To America”

“How To Find Your Ancestors On Ship Passenger Lists”

“Identifying And Recording Meaningful Sources To Your Individual and Family Records”

“How To Properly Develop and Record Genealogical Citations To Your Records”

“How To Find Your Ancestors’ Naturalization Records”

“How to do German research”

“How to use the NEW Family Search” (NEW)

“How to plan your trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City effectively”

“Is worth the price?”

“Basic German Translation”

“The importance of maps in your genealogical research”

“Importance of joining a pioneer organizations”

“Researching Funeral Home, Graves Sites and Cemetery Records”

“Profiling New York”

“How do you know you have the right John Smith”

“Court Houses Records (including divorce records)”

“How to use Facebook and/or Genealogywise for your genealogy.”

“New England Research”

“Where else can I learn about genealogy”

“How to use FamilySearch Wiki

“Christmas Gifts Ideas”

“Thinking outside of the box”

“Castle Garden”

“Ellis Island”

“Land Records”

“Female Research”

“Using Social media or Message and Query Board”

“Tips and Tricks using Ancestry“

“Mid-Atlantic States”

“Northwest Terrority”

“Find A Grave”

“1940 Census”

“DNA Result may bring big surprise”

“Solving conflicting information”

“How to get familiar with Google Earth, Evernote and/or Onenote

“Basic of deciphering foreign records”

Revised 15 January 2018


(Here is a handful of our target audiences we serve)

  • Milwaukee Genealogical Society
  • Jewish Genealogy of the Tampa Bay
  • West Pasco County Genealogical Society

  • Pasco County Genealogy Society

  • Pinellas Genealogy Society

  • Suncoast Genealogy Society

  • Florida State Genealogical Society

  • DAR in New Port Richey

  • Citrus County Genealogical Society

  • Special Interest Group(SIG) at USF

  • SAR in New Port Richey

  • Pinellas Seminar

  • Silverthron Genealogy Society
  • Family History Expo (Pleasanton, CA)
  • Indian River Genealogy Society
  • Deaf Genealogy Workshop (Salt Lake City)



If you are a Audience Engagement Manager and are interested in approving your location, please contact me at or via our contact form.

Revised 15 January 2018